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Take Action Now to Support Increased Transit Funding!

Like our state highways and local streets & roads, California’s public transit systems are in desperate need of improvement. In order to maintain existing routes & schedules, improve current service frequencies, expand into new communities, and make valuable connections to bike and walking facilities, transit systems require an estimated $70 billion over the next 10 years.

Governor Brown has called on the California Legislature to find a solution that will address our state’s crumbling transportation system. So far, the discussion in the State Capitol has mainly focused on funding the multi-billion dollar shortfall facing our highways and streets & roads. These systems are important and are used by millions of Californians every day. Missing from the conversation is new money for public transit and for complementary modes that feed our transit systems.

We need those of you that rely on mass transit every day – to get to work, school, healthcare, or for other needs – to please contact your state representatives NOW and let them know that you support more money for public transportation.

To aid in this effort, the California Transit Association has launched iTransit, a grassroots-style advocacy campaign designed to connect everyday Californians with their representatives in Sacramento to further promote the benefits of public transit and other modes of alternative transportation.  Using cutting-edge civic engagement software, iTransit makes it easy for transit riders and advocates to email, Tweet, and post on the Facebook walls of their state representatives in support of including alternative transportation funding in the work of this year’s special session.

If you:

  • Want better transit service?  Go to iTransit  and tell your state reps to support new money for public transit.  #iTransit #fundtransit
  • Believe walking, bicycling, and transit is key to healthier environment & economy. Visit iTransit  to support money for alternative transportation. #iTransit #fundtransit
  • Know that California thrives when all transportation modes work. Visit iTransit to urge your state reps to invest in all forms of transportation. #iTransit #fundtransit

We urge you – don’t delay, act now to promote iTransit!


Essay Winners Receive Certificates of Achievement at Bell Gardens City Council Meeting May 12, 2014




Bell Gardens “Be Strong, Live Long” Essay Contest

Thank you to all those students, teachers, and classrooms that participated in the “Be Strong, Live Long” Essay Contest. You all did a fantastic job! Please click on the links below to find your essay:

Bell Gardens Elementary:

Mr. Ramirez Room 34 5th Mrs. Casas Kinder Mrs. Dionne Room 9 1st Mrs. Maleski Room 36 3rd Mrs. Rubio Room 22 5th Ms. Castillo Room 1 5th

Garfield Elementary:

Mrs. Gutierrez Room 10 2nd Grade Room 13 2nd Grade Ms. Mora Room 12 2nd grade

Cesar Chavez Elementary:

Mrs. Dominguez Room T3 3rd Ms. Calvo Room 2 5th Ms. Kissas Room T2 2nd grade Ms. Kissas Room T2 3rd grade

Suva Elementary:

Mr. Maldonado Room 2 – K Mr. Roca Room 4 – K Mrs. Alpizar Room 10 – K Ms. Estrada Room 8 – K Ms. Lopez Room 1 – K Ms. Orta Rom 3 – K Ms. Avina Room 14 – 1st Ms. Chavez-Parra Room 11 – 1st Ms. Sanchez Room 15 – 1st Mr. Duran Room 17 – 2nd Ms. Alavian Room 18 – 2nd Ms. Brizuelas Room 12 – 2nd Ms. Leon Room 7 – 2nd Ms. Ramos Room 23 – 2nd Mr. Montoya Room 20 – 3rd Ms. Jamie Room 29 – 3rd Ms. Lewis-Gordon Room 22 – 3rd Ms. Mayen Room 6 – 3rd Ms. Reyes Room 19 – 3rd Mr. Jacobo Room 35 – 4th Mrs. McKierman Room 36 – 4th Ms. Garibay Room 34 – 4th Ms. Loaiza Room 31 – 4th Ms. Mejia Room 24 – 4th Ms. Cruz Room 30 – 5th Ms. Lovato Room 25 – 5th Ms. Valdivia Room 27 – 5th

Bell Gardens Intermediate:

Mr. Mendoza’s Class C-3 7th Ms. Garcia’s Class A.M. 6th

Suva Intermediate:

Ms. Fernandez Room 108 7th grade Ms. Hardy Room 221 6th grade


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