Law Enforcement

The Bell Gardens Police Department takes a leading role by enhancing the quality of life in the community and building bridges to increase cooperation and participation through law enforcement activities. Safe Routes to School involves the participation of a wide range of law enforcement officers, from Patrol Operations to School Resource Officers. Everyone can play a role. Crossing Guards, many of whom are employed by the local law enforcement agencies, will also play a vital role in instilling the proper laws for both pedestrians and bicyclists as they are watching our children on a daily basis.


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Below are some very important rules that the Police Department stresses when driving near a school to keep both you and your children safe.


Never make a U-turn. It is against the law to make a U-turn if another vehicle is within 200 feet. During school hours there are many vehicles and pedestrians. Vehicles that make U-turns pose an extreme danger to oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.


Never speed in front of a school or school zone.  Speed limit is 25 mph.



To jaywalk is to cross a street illegally or in a reckless manner.  You should only cross in a crosswalk or at an intersection.


Avoid double parking or stopping on crosswalks to let children out of the car. Double parking will block visibility for other children and other motorists. Visibility is further reduced during the rain and fog seasons.