Highlight of Previous Projects and Grant Awards

The City of Bell Gardens has actively searched for funding to help maintain safe roads and walkways throughout the City. Over the past nine years the City’s Public Works Department has been successful in securing over $2.7 Million in competitive Safe Routes to School funds. Some of the completed projects include:

Safe Routes to School Grant – Bell Gardens High School, Suva Elementary & Suva Intermediate – $319,530

Grant funds were awarded to the City for the Safety improvements for Bell Gardens High School, Suva Elementary and Suva Intermediate Schools. Improvements included the installation of pedestrian count down signals, in-pavement lighted crosswalk, radar feedback signs, bulb-outs at crosswalks and safety lights.

Safe Routes to School Grant – City Wide Outreach – $170,000

Grant funds were awarded to the City Bell Gardens Safe and Healthy Kids Program. The Program consists of a comprehensive mix of the 4 E’s, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation. The program will include events designed to educate students and adults on the health benefits and safe practices of walking and bicycling to school. Six schools are included in the program Cesar Chavez Elementary, Suva Intermediate, Suva Elementary, Bell Gardens Intermediate, Bell Gardens Elementary, and Garfield Elementary and the events will span 2 academic years.

Safe Routes to School – Bell Gardens High School/ Garfield Elementary – $361,680

Grant funds were awarded to the City in the amount of $361,680 for Bell Gardens High School and Garfield Elementary School. These grant funds were utilized to pay for all project related activities; including design, project management, construction management, administration and community outreach.

The infrastructure improvements included installing zebra-patterned crosswalks, raised truncated domes, bulb-outs, pedestrian countdown signal heads, solar street lights, solar radar feedback signs, pavement legends, markings, striping and markers. As part of this program the City also implemented a community outreach component that helped to promote walking and bicycling as a viable form of transportation. The campaign educated the community about the new infrastructure improvements, how to walk, bike and drive safely and the importance of physical activity as well as staying healthy. 

Safe Routes to School – Multiple School Construction – $337,280

Grant funds were awarded to the City for the purpose of enabling and encouraging students in kindergarten through eighth grade (K-8),including students with disabilities to:

  1. Safely walk and bicycle to school
  2. Make walking and bicycling to school a more appealing mode choice
  3. Facilitate the planning, design, and implementation of projects that will improve safety, environment, and overall quality of life

The safety improvements were constructed at Bell Gardens Elementary, Cesar Chavez, Suva Elementary School and Bell Gardens Intermediate School. The improvements included replacement of school radar speed signs, pedestrian countdown signal heads and installation of solar radar speed signs.